Artist statement

I see beauty in the discarded, the broken and cracked, objects distressed by weather or neglect, rusting metal, mould and erosion, all have elements of beauty.

My work draws upon nature, the textural qualities of tree bark have a great fascination. Through the collection of ‘found objects’ a broken branch, strips of twisted bark, lichen and fungi I seek to imitate nature.  I am inspired by how shape and form are distorted by weather or age, this is translated through process into my ceramic artefacts.

Working within studio ceramics, I am not a sculptor, nor a potter; I work with the material in a very intuitive and simplified way. Tearing and stretching the clay, manipulating it into increasingly flowing and deceivingly fragile shapes. Ceramic technology challenges my process using contradictory materials such as metals, organic matter, glass, and non-compatible clays I push the medium to breaking point. The firing decides the outcome, cracks may appear or work may disintegrate – the element of fire controls its distinctive characteristics. Much is lost – chance predicts the final work and sometimes – WOW – exciting things happen.

Ceramic Exhibitions: Lanchester Gallery Coventry University,   Herbert ArtGallery Coventry; New Designers Show – London;  Blooms Garden Centre – Hampton in Arden; City Art Gallery – Jewellery Quarter Birmingham; The Midlands Art Centre Birmingham. Artfull Expression Designer/Maker gallery, 23-24 Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.