My Art interest started with evening classes in my  late teens at the ‘old’  Birmingham Art School, I could draw quite well but never managed to finish a painting.   Bringing up a family and work commitments took precedent until my fifties when I studied ’A’ level art at Solihull College and progressed to an Arts & Crafts degree course.

I enjoy painting in acrylic, watercolour, ink and am learning the techniques of pastels, the instancy and vibrant colours are such fun to use.  Although many of my paintings are of flowers and botanical subjects, I also enjoy painting/drawing  still life, portraits, life studies, abstract and mixed media pieces.

More recently I have become obsessed with the textures of tree bark, which have been obvious in my ceramic artefacts and this has  now carried through to my paintings, the subtle colours and undulating lines I find fascinating and my paintings take on an abstract quality.

Exhibitions: City Art Gallery – The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham;   The Botanical Gardens Birmingham, RBSA – Jewellery Quarter Birmingham