Art Cards


coloured inks A6 size 105mm x 149mm


Coloured inks 105 x210mm

Thought you might like to look at some ‘Art Cards’ I
have made recently. They started out as an abstract painting of part of a rusty barrow in my garden, decided it didn’t work as a picture but liked ‘bits’ of it.  All painted in coloured ink with gold ink highlights. If you think they look a bit scuwiff (I dont thinks thats how its spelt but oh well!) the cards are straight but the photographers hand was a bit wobbly. Would like to have your feedback.  These are just a couple of examples.

1 comment to Art Cards

  • Maggie Bedford

    Love the cards. The 3D effects are great. Seriously underpriced compared with ‘home-made’ cards in shops made up with bought decals. Hope they go well and glad I ‘got in’ first.

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