Family and Friends

Well I have eventually braved it and sent out e:mails to family and friends, will anyone bother to have a look a my site? hope so – leave a message on the blog if you do byee!

6 comments to Family and Friends

  • Keith Hughes

    Your work is wornderful and fully deserves to be seen by lots of people.
    This is an excellent site – well done.

  • Carol Barratt

    Well done Gay! Website looking good. I cannot see “Michael’s test” but can view everything else. Carol.

  • Margaret Cooper

    What a good platform to display both the ceramics and paintings. They are beautifully presented and so professional!

  • Sue Owen

    Your work is absolutely amazing work Gay; you are very talented indeed.
    Hope the website is successful!!

  • Justine Kenny

    Hello Gay – I had no idea you were this good!
    Good luck with the website.

  • miriam

    Hi Gay,
    we have had a look at your website all we have to do now is hope that we can learn how to communicate!!!!!!!!!.
    It’s looking good so far for us plebs!
    (by the way – it’s a cabbage !! )

    bye for now keep up the good work,
    hope you all have a good break in York.

    Miriam & Ken.

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