My first blog

Commission painting

Commission painting

Struggling through all the rigamorole my son is showing me how to do this and I shall forget it by tomorrow.

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  • Just gone through my pictures and ceramics, apologies if details are a bit vague, just ask if you are interested in anything

  • Zofia

    Just had a look at your web site. Lovely work.How much time per week do you spend on painting?
    Perhaps we will soon see some of your pastel work on the site.
    see you on Wed.

  • Sarah Cowl

    Great website Gay, your work looks amazing as always. Hope it leads to loads of commissions!

  • Sandra & Bob

    Well done Gay! Great that others will now be able to see and appreciate how good your work is, as we have always believed.
    Look forward to new additions.

  • Well done Gay!wish you well wish I had some of your talent.

  • Maggie Bedford

    2nd attempt. Not accepting me!!! First blog & a failure!

    Well done, Gay. You are a great role model.

    Photos are great-as a taster. I hope potential purchasers will view in the real as one cannot appreciate the impact of the scale of your paintings & the wonderful textures in your whacky ceramics.

  • Jackie

    Gay, Mike tells us you have an exhibition coming up in the Jewellery Quarter. Sue Dyer and I would like to come……and maybe Dave. Can you let me know where and when.
    Your work looks great on the website!
    Best wishes

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